Letter from SCOTIA XC Board

Dear members and the ski community,

It has been a really disappointing ski season for those of us who love winter.

As you know this has been a record breaking season in terms of the lack of natural snowfall. We have only been able to provide groomed skiing for 10 days at our HRM locations and 7 at our Valley locations. This is only about 1/3 of the skiing our volunteer groomers provided last year.

However, there are some positives. Brunello XC is currently firing up the snow-guns for a few days and the weather looks cold for at least a week or more. The Brunello Range will be closed until at least Sunday to allow for them to make the snow.

Our volunteer groomer, Jim, is on standby to groom Graves-Oakley for Sat morning and we are pleased to learn the new Rugby Clubhouse will be open that morning and they are serving breakfast, as they gather to watch a match. Hopefully, the natural snow fall that is expected tomorrow will be groom-able if the wind stays down.

Also from a big picture point of view, the board would like to thank our membership. Your support over the last 4 year, in addition to over $120,000 in grants we secured has allowed us to complete our Capital Grooming Equipment vision, several years ahead of schedule. In addition, to covering the grooming expenses durning that time, we have reinvested every single $ back into the equipment that will be bringing us groomed skiing for years into the future. All of our locations now have the required ATV or sled, rollers, groomers and track setters and the required secure storage. All of our member have played a role in putting us in this great position.

Membership is way down this year…and this is understandable. If you did sign up and feel you did not get your money out of your membership please know that your contribution has been put to good use for the years to come and we thank you.

If you did not sign up, but maybe enjoyed some of the ski days we did have or will be enjoying one in what is left of the winter please consider supporting the club by purchasing a Day Pass or even making a donation (tax receipts provided) to our season ending Fundraising campaign.

We look forward to a return to snowy winters in the years to come.



February 24th, 2023