Frequently Asked Questions

Why join SCOTIA XC Ski Club?

~ SCOTIA XC is a volunteer organization.  All of the administration, communications, coaching and amazing grooming team is supported with volunteer time.  Your membership fees go towards supporting these endeavours with the majority funding the equipment and fuel needed to groom trails for your skiing enjoyment.  Plus you join a great network of people who love winter!!!

I’m brand new to skiing?  What do I need to know?

Cross Country Nova Scotia has a wonderful website with all things XC Skiing in NS.  Trail details and updates (including but not limited to ours), upcoming events and even a “New to Ski” Page. Check it out….

Where can I ski with a SCOTIA XC membership? What is the Brunello Range Pass?

We have expanded to 8 locations.

Our home base is Brunello XC, at the Links at Brunello, where we have the ability to make snow for The Brunello Range. The Brunello Range is an area where we can have 700-800m loop of artificial snow when weather conditions permit. This area will allow us to teach and train for our programming.  It is also illuminated, allowing us to expand our programming into weekday evenings.  While the Brunello Range is not a “destination” ski location, many do take advantage of it for working on technique or building endurance.  You are able to add on a Brunello Range Pass, to gain access during non-lesson times.  When there is natural snow we are also able to groom the cart paths Brunello XC.

Graves-Oakley Park is in Spryfield and is a nice flat field area, great for beginners.

MacDonald Sports Park is in Waverley. We share this trail with walkers so get there early to enjoy at it’s peak.

Our snow-belt gem is Dollar Lake Provincial Park.  This is the locations that has the most consistent snow (less rain) and skiable days per year.

Another one of our 3 gold course partners is Oakfield XC, at Oakfield Golf and Country Club.

As part of our expansion to the Valley region we have 3 locations that are also in a snowbelt.

In 2020, we expanded our grooming to Haliburton House Grounds/Dill Farm in Windsor.

New in 2022 we have added Greenwood XC, on the golf course at CFB Greenwood and Dill Farms in Windsor and Kentville XC.

With your membership you are welcome to ski at any of these venues.

More details/maps/photos on the Trails Page.

FAQ: Snowmaking; Where, why and when? 

Where?: We are extremely fortunate to partner with The Links at Brunello to provide artificial snowmaking on the Brunello Range when weather conditions allow.  For both our club members and their own XC Ski endeavour, Brunello XC is very keen to make artificial snow.  

Why?:  Our goal wth artificial snow-making is to provide an area with consistent snow when Mother Nature is not co-operating.  The area will support our club’s Youth and Adult Programming, as well as provide a training area for those working on technique and increasing fitness that allows our club members to then take on the longer trail distances.  The range is a great location as it has a very flat section for beginners, but also a surprising variety of terrain over the 0.7km loop.  And Brunello has also relocated all of the lights to the area for this year.  

When?:  Snowmaking is a complicated process, done differently by different venues.  Our partnership relies on above ground water hoses (i.e. it can’t be -20) and only 4 snowmaking guns.  This means that the snow needs to be made in giant piles and then redistributed to the desired areas.  In order to make snow to cover the area we require, we need a ~72-96 hour window of consistent sub-zero (at least -4 or -5C) temperatures.  This process needs to be continually monitored by Brunello staff to make sure the generator is running and the water is flowing.  Then it is another day’s work to get the snow in place.  Understandably, this is a very costly endeavour and unfortunately last season there were a couple of 2 or 3 day windows that might have seemed like good opportunities but the were immediately followed by the temperature rising to +10 with 20+mm of rain coming.  That would have been a huge investment literally washed down the drain.

Why Not?:  At this point the system is not set up for “top ups” as per the reasons listed above.  The goal is to make the snow as early in the season as the artificial snow does hold up well to our coastal challenges.  If necessary, mid-season, Brunello would consider a second snowmaking event.  However, as everyone knows this year it barely seems like we are having a Winter at all.   Is it possible a window was just missed this week? Yes we were certainly getting close to the 72 hour window.   But it would have meant shutting down the range for what was 4 of our only 6 skiable days so far.  That was a hard call to make, when it meant our programming finally got to get started.  

Why so many locations?

~ Due to the unpredictable weather in NS the best course of action is to be ready for anything and to have lots of options.  Often there is no snow in HRM but within an hour’s drive you can be enjoying the trails.  Follow our FB page and Twitter for up to date conditions.

Do you have lessons? 

~ Yes. This year we are running a full complement of youth programming, hosting the NS XC Provincial Team and offering both Skate and Classic lessons for Adults.  Program registration will open October 18th, 2022 and fills up very quickly.  

Do you have rental gear?

~ The focus of SCOTIA XC has been to facilitate the seasonal rentals of youth gear to help families with the cost of rapidly growing children requiring different gear every year. Priority is given to youth registered in club programming.  Rentals take place in the fall.

We do not have daily rentals for Adults for use or for programming.  

Our partner Brunello continues to expand their rental fleet. First come, first serve.   Brunello Rental .

See also this directory from CCNS with Rental/Borrowing options are various other clubs/recreations centers.   CCNS Directory Rental/Borrow Gear

Where can I buy gear?

XC Skiing is having a boom year this year much like biking did in the spring of the pandemic.  This is making gear hard to acquire,  new and used.

New Gear?

Hub Cycle – SCOTIA XC 10% Discount

The Trail Shop– SCOTIA XC 10% Discount

Aerobic First

Used gear?


CCNS Directory for Used Gear

Can’t find the the answer you are looking for?

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