Haliburton House/Dill Farm

Beginner friendly with a variety of terrain.

2 sites located on the grounds of the Haliburton House Museum and the adjacent Howard Dill Farm property. Although close together they function as two separate ski sites.

Located in the heart of Windsor and we are pleased to offer cross country skiing to the township and only a 45 minute drive for our city based members.  Some of you may even be able to walk out your front door to the trail. 

Dill Farm Site

If you are looking for XC-ski only try the new Dill Farm property, parking is on College Road.

3.2k loop. Classic Tracks when snow depth permits.

Haliburton House Site

This 3 km trail is close to restaurants, pubs and B&Bs. If you are driving to this trail, we suggest parking on Clifton Ave.

This trail is multi-use (this means the trail will be shared with snowshoers and walkers) and dogs are permitted on leash.