Youth Coach Development

SCOTIA XC & Cross Country Nova Scotia are committed to coach development for our Youth Instructors.  We will help subsidize any member who is interested in coaching with the club.  We follow the National Coach Certification Program

The NCCP follows a logical pathway to coaching development and no experience is needed to get started.  All e-learning is available through The Locker.  

The first two courses;  Coach Initiation in Sport & Introduction to Community Coaching are e-learning modules that can be done at your convenience.  

Coach Initiation in Sport–    

  • Multisport, e-learning module
  • 1 hour 
  • Introduces new or experienced coaches to the foundational skills of coaching, such as long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness.

Introduction to Community Coaching   

  • XC Ski specific
  • 4-5 hours hours, e-learning module
  • Teaches coaches on how to deliver a series of age-appropriate skill development sessions to children in the Active Start (Bunny Rabbits) stage of development. Coaches will also learn how to set up an effective terrain garden, how to utilize terrain to teach technique, and how to advise parents on the ski equipment and clothing needs of their children

Upon completion of these 2 modules you have the status of “Community Coach in Training.”

The next course in the pathway, Community Coaching, is completed in two parts (online & on snow.)  

Community Coaching

  • XC Ski specific
  • 13 hours (in class/on snow), delivered through CCNS Learning Facilitators
  • Teaches coaches how to lead a skill development program for children in the FUNdamentals stage of development (Jackrabbits). Coaches learn how to: teach basic cross-country skiing skills (classic and skate), design a seasonal plan, select equipment and prepare skis for participants of this age

Upon completion of this course, you have the status “Community Coach- Trained.” 

Coaches can then proceed to Evaluation, or continue their coaching journey with Competition Coaching Introduction (CCI-L2T).

Evaluation: To become Community Coaching Certified, you will complete the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation and complete the NCCP Community Coaching Experience Form.